"No bullshit, no tricks. We just want to make music that’s straight from the soul, and aimed at your hips"

This creed is lived to the fullest by the electrifying funk-rock formation Lucky Shot. The Amsterdam based trio was formed back in January 2015, consisting of founding member and lead guitarist/singer Lukas Blom, drummer Maarten Dinkelberg and bass player Patrick Kabalt. All three coming from a widely varied and rigorous background in music, the three members have found each other’s perfect match. Their message is simple: in an era that is growing ever more digital, Lucky Shot is pursuing a raw, playful and, above all, analog sound that begs listeners to dance and feel. With their first EP out and a string of gigs under their belt in both The Netherlands and abroad, this Amsterdam promise is ready to take its destiny by the balls. 

The breeding ground for Lucky Shot was The Lullaby Factory, an underground haven serving as a studio and favourite refuge for musicians, artists and bohemians from near and afar. It was here that the three lads first met and played their sessions together, slowly beginning to see that this was to be a collaboration where everything would simply fall into place. 

Lukas – his roots deeply embedded in the music of the likes of Led Zeppelin and early Black Keys, and, above all, in classic blues legends such as Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed and Lightnin’ Hopkins – had a rich songwriting career and band experiences, already granting him a firm repertoire of rock solid riffs, melodies, lyrics and themes. Patrick – an affable Northern gipsy with soul running through his veins – leads the way with his funk-laden bass sound. Then there’s Maarten who is perhaps the greatest source of energy of all: when sat behind a drum kit, this tranquil soul turns into a warrior reminding spectators of those larger than life percussionists from the golden age of rock. 

After a prolonged period of intense rehearsing, writing and synergism, Lucky Shot felt the time was right to hit the studio and record their debut release: Sloppy Seconds. Over the course of just one weekend, the band was able to finalize the four-track EP. The cut perfectly represented the combined nature of each three artists in songs such as The Sinner, Six Strings, Wanted Love and their 12-minute opus Step Into The Light. After a thrilling release party in March in Amsterdam’s Doka the band did not put a halt to their relentless creative outpours, and continue to write new material for their upcoming LP.

Gig-wise, Lucky Shot has been making strides as well. Next to performances at such Amsterdam venues as Rollende Keukens, Westergasterras and Bourbon Street, the band has already been invited abroad as well, to venues in Cologne, Frankfurt and Zagreb. Currently plans are in the making for a new European tour, with more gigs, bigger venues, and more dancing.

That’s because their music and stage performance hits a central nerve, a place inside the listener that evokes an unstoppable energy, reducing dance floors to smiling, dancing heaps. 


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Phone: +31 6 28 02 06 38